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Non-California Residents
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Loan Number: N2619
Loan Amount: $605,000
Minimum Investment: $20,000
Call for availability of smaller participations
Type: First Security Deed
Yield: 9.0%*

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Project: Emery Circle Commercial
Property Address
: 3097 Emery Cir., Austell, GA 30168
The subject property consists of a 8,000SF commercial property, with a 800SF drive-through portico on a 0.77 acre parcel..

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Term of Investment
60 months
Current Interest Rate
Repayment Schedule
30 Year Amortization
Monthly Payment
Purchase Price of the Note
Current Balance on the Note
Maturity Date
60 months
Balloon Pymt. after 60 months app.
Late Charge Amount
Prepayment Penalty

*Net of servicing
**To be shared equally with B&S


Appraised Value - December 19, 2020
Protective Equity
Loan-to-value - Appraisal


Rental Income
Expense Reimbursement
Potential Gross Revenue
Less 5.0% Vacancy Allowance
Effective Gross Income:
Real Estate Taxes
Grounds Upkeep / Maintenance
Replacement Reserves
Total Expenses
Note: Pro forma based on appraiser's estimates


Real Estate Holding
Percent of Ownership

Real Estate Investor
2019 Income
2018 Income
Net Worth

Real Estate Investor
2019 Income
2018 Income
Net Worth

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Angela says: “This first security deed offering is being issued at a 9% yield to investors but one could make the case that a reasonable yield at 8% would be appropriate; however, there are risks (as with every offering – be sure to read the Risk Factors in the Offering Circular) that warranted a little higher yield to the investors. The strengths of this deal is that the guarantors have 700+ credit scores, the LTV is less than 50% (based on the MAI appraisal) and the tenant has the option to purchase the property for more than the MAI appraised value during the term of the lease, which establishes an exit plan for these real estate investors. Even with the risks associated with tenant-occupied properties during the time we still find ourselves making our ways through a pandemic, this 9% yield offering may be suited as an addition to your portfolio.”

Blackburne & Sons is pleased to present this $605,000 first security deed secured by an 8,000SF commercial building (occupied by daycare) on a 33,541SF parcel located in Austell, GA.  

This is an all-cash out refinance, in which the net proceeds will be for the purchase of more investment properties.  


Austell is a city in State of Georgia and is part of the Atlanta metropolitan area. The city is located along the southern border of Cobb County and a small portion of the city extends south into Douglas County. It is bordered by Lithia Springs to the south and Mableton to the east. Sweetwater Creek, a tributary of the Chattahoochee River, flows through the city, passing north, then east of the city center. The area is relatively flat, with few large hills. Austell has a humid subtropical climate with hot, humid summers and mild, but occasionally cold winters by the standards of the southern United States.

Cobb County is located in the Atlanta metropolitan area in the north central portion of the state and is Georgia's third most-populous county, with its county seat and largest city being the City of Marietta. Cobb County is included in the Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Roswell Metropolitan Statistical Area and is situated immediately to the northwest of Atlanta's city limits. Cobb County is home to three universities/colleges; Kennesaw State University, Chattahoochee Technical College and Life University. The median property value in Cobb County is $278,700, the median household income of $78,894, with a homeownership rate of 64.6%. The largest employers in Cobb County relate to industries such as professional, scientific, & technical services, retail trade and health care & social assistance. For more information on Cobb County, 
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The subject property is approximately 14 miles west of Atlanta’s downtown central business district and one mile south of downtown Austell.  The subject’s immediate surrounding area features light industrial properties. Primary access to the subject neighborhood is provided by Interstate-20, U.S. Highway 78 (Veteran’s Memorial Hwy) and GA Highway 92 (Fairburn Rd).

Sitting on a 0.77-acre, rectangular parcel, the subject property is improved with an 8,000SF commercial building that has been renovated to accommodate the existing daycare tenant. The foundation is concrete slab, and the exterior walls are seamed metal panel siding and brick veneer. The interior floor plan has been designed to function as a daycare facility with age-oriented classrooms, adult and children’s restroom facilities, full commercial kitchen, dining area, administrative offices, front reception desk, lobby and outdoor recreation areas. Restrooms are primarily single and multi-unit bathrooms, with separate facilities for adults and children.

The property was purchased in August of 2020 for $415,000. The borrowers report a total of $285,000 in repairs on the subject property after purchase. After purchase, the borrowers signed a 10-year lease with a daycare tenant in which repairs/renovations were required and are outlined in the lease itself. The first 3 months of the lease was rent free, with rent of $10,600 per month starting in January of 2021. Per the borrowers, the rent is being paid despite the facility itself being closed due to COVID-19. According to them, the tenant falls under the Stable Grant and the CAPS program in the state of Georgia, and therefore the state continues to remit funds to tenant, to allow for timely payment of rent. In addition to the lease, the tenant has the option to purchase the subject property within the term of the lease for a price of $1,590,000.


Title to this property will be held by a Georgia limited liability company (LLC). This entity was formed in 2020 when the property was purchased and has not filed tax returns yet. This holding entity has two members, who will be personally guaranteeing the loan, along with the spouse of one of the members.

The first guarantor, working as a Real Estate Investor reported an income of $116,565 in 2019 and $68,208 in 2018. He reported a net worth of $16,835,267 and has a mid-credit score of 706.

The married couple who will be personally guaranteeing this loan have a stated net worth of $7,005,400 and a mid-credit scores of 755 and 738. Working as Real Estate Investors themselves, they reported a total income of $141,156 in 2019 and $126,735 for the year 2018.

Borrowers are looking to pull cash out of their existing free and clear commercial property to purchase other real estate in Georgia; however no specific property has been identified yet.


A local MAI appraiser was engaged to value this property, which provided an AS-IS value of $1,240,000. A local Georgia broker was also engaged to perform a drive-by opinion of value and provided an estimated market value of $1,590,000.

At a 9.0% yield to the investors and a 48.8% LTV (Appraised Value) this appears to be a reasonable investment. Investing in any first security deed involves substantial risk, so be sure to read the Risk Factors section of the Offering Circular carefully before investing. A large and prolonged decline in real estate values is possible. Foreclosed commercial properties almost always need to be renovated before they can be leased or sold, so be sure to maintain some liquidity.

George’s Advice For Successful First Mortgage Investing

  1. You should spread your mortgage investment portfolio out among lots of different deals. If you have $300,000 to invest, you should invest $10,000 to $20,000 in 15 to 20 different fractionalized first trust deeds. For example, if the deal is a $300,000 first trust deed on an office building in Boise, with a $15,000 investment you would own 5% of the loan. By spreading your money out into a bunch of different deals, you are achieving the diversity of a fund without the failed fund sponsor problem. If you are extremely wealthy, you could double (or even triple) my suggested investment amounts, but be careful about pouring too much money into a single deal. We once had a whole building fall into an old coal mine. Ouch.

  2. Be wise and resist investing in any first trust deed yielding more than 9%. I would personally never invest in a first trust deed with a double-digit yield. The payments slowly grind the borrowers into the dust.

  3. Blackburne’s Law theorizes that a portfolio of 8% and 9% first trust deeds will outperform a portfolio of 11% and 12% first trust deeds over a seven-year term. Only our wisest (and eventually the happiest) investors listen to me.

  4. You can also buy some of our smaller deals in their entirety, but I only recommend this if you are richer than Crassus.

  5. It is very easy to lose money in hard money first mortgages, so fight-fight-fight against the temptation to invest in high-yield deals. As Nancy Reagan used to say, “Just say no.” But if you choose 7% to 9% first mortgages, I predict that you will be very, very pleased. 

  6. During the S&L Crisis, commercial real estate fell by 45%. Within three years, values reached new highs. During the Dot-Com Meltdown, commercial real estate fell by 45%. Within three years, values reached new highs. During the Great Recession, commercial real estate fell by 45%. Within three years, values reached new highs. Some time in the next decade, we will have another opportunity to snatch up prime commercial real estate at a huge discount. You will be terrified, but when Blackburne and Sons invites you to join a syndicate to buy a nice commercial property at a 35% discount off its prior high, just remember that the best time to invest is when blood is running in the streets. Why not when real estate has fallen by 45%? You’ll never catch the very bottom because historically the bounces off the bottom happen much too fast. Bounce-soar. You will be terrified, but just remember that the best time to invest is when blood is running in the streets.

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