Recent Closings of Hard Money Commercial Loans

Better Rates and Terms

Blackburne & Son’s rates and terms are closer to those of a bank than a hard money lender. We make 15 year loans with no lockout clause and no prepayment penalty.

Five Blanket Loans Totaling $1,113,000 on 51 Homes in Tennessee20191010224819
$630,000 Multi-Family Purchase-Money First Trust Deed in Fairfield, CA20190618202547
$2,000,000 Refinance of a Beautiful Mixed-Use Property in Fairfield, CA20190618123916
$375,000 Loan to Purchase Two Commercial REO’s in Less Than 30 Days20190607205742
$290,000 Refinance on 9 Rental Homes and One Rental Duplex in Euclid, OH20190607205633
$230,000 Refinance on a Potato Farm (a Potato Farm?) in Florida20190607205531