$357,500 Commercial Refinance of a 10-Pad Mobile Home Park in Bishop, CA20200814180834
$700,000 Commercial Refinance of a 24 Condos in Tampa, FL20200814175744
$420,000 Commercial Refinance of a 3-Unit Retail Building in Shelbyville, KY20200814175306
$250,000 Commercial Refinance of a Funeral Home in Bridgeport, CT20200814174945
$275,000 Commercial Refinance of a Funeral Home in Norwalk, CT20200814174752
$660,000 Residential Investment Refinance in Atlanta, Texas20200814173751
$2,000,000 Refinance of a Beautiful Mixed-Use Property in Fairfield, CA20190618123916
$630,000 Multi-Family Purchase-Money First Trust Deed in Fairfield, CA20190618202547
2nd Street Commercial20221214003213

2nd Street Commercial

George Blackburne IVDecember 14, 20220 comments
Loan N271911.0%* Yield First Trust Deed63.21% LTV - Appraisal "As-Is"46.85% LTV - Appraisal "After Completion"Amount Available: $10,000.00The subject ...